Q Patch Panel - QPP48

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The Signex Q Patch is an entry-level patch panel offering a compact, quality design and exceptional value for money. Using standard 1/4" Jacks for both front and rear connections, instruments may be plugged directly into the front of the Q Patch, while rear connections can be easily made using low cost moulded leads.

The sockets for each channel are mounted on individual cards which are held in the panel by the fixing nuts of the rear sockets. The Q Patch is supplied with all channels isolated, but any channel can be easily normalised by removing the card and refitting it the other way around. The cards have a status indicator mark so that normalised channels can be seen at a glance before it is fitted into the rack.

The Q Patch is available in 2 and 3 pole versions for use with mono, stereo, balanced and unbalanced signals. Panel and modules can be purchased separately so you don't have to buy a whole panel if you only need a few sockets.



Front sockets

* 1/4" Jacks

Rear termination

* 1/4" Jacks

Dimensions (W x H x D)(mm)

* 483 x 43 x 44mm

* Min. rack aperture = 442mm

Net weight

* QPP48S - 1100g

Accessories Included:

* 1 pk Q Patch ident labels