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Signex introduced the MIDI panel to provide a convenient method of localising MIDI interconnections and is a complement, rather than an alternative, to existing methods of MIDI signal routing, The Signex MIDI panel is simply a connector panel: it has no active circuitry and therefore requires no power supply. All sockets are uncommitted and connected only to their respective rear terminations. Any socket can therefore be used for MIDI In, Thru or Out connections.

In its most basic role, the Signex MIDI panel provides probably the simplest form of expandable MIDI patching system available, giving clear access to any relevant interconnections within a localised panel area. It can also be used for multiple MIDI connections between individual instruments and expander/processor racks. The Signex MIDI panel is particularly effective when used to organise and tidy-up the connections from a system employing splitter and mergeboxes, eliminating the usual chaotic tangle of cables and the resulting confusion and frustration.

The Signex MIDI panel can even transform the usefulness of a MIDI patchbay, by providing convenient front panel access to valuable inputs and outputs, Ultimately, the most effective MIDI patching system will probably consist of several separate elements and the Signex MIDI panel is the ideal foundation for a complete, expandable MIDI patching centre which allows you to spend more of your time using your equipment creatively and less time wrestling with cables.



Front sockets

* DIN, 5 pin, 180° (pins 1 & 3 unconnected)

Rear termination

* CPM22M - DIN, 5 pin, 180°

* CPM22T - Direct solder connections

Dimensions (W x H x D)(mm)

* 483 x 43 x 44mm

* Min. rack aperture = 442mm

Net weight

* CPM22M - 490g

* CPM22T - 415g

Accessories Included:

* 1pk (10) Ident cards (ICP440)

* 1pk (100) Cable ties (CTP100) (CPM22T only)