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When we introduced the original Isopatch back in 1983, we knew that it would be popular, but we didn't know that it would remain a best seller for so long. The new Isopatch retains the design strengths of its predecessor, but now has 48 Jacks that are of a new, fully-enclosed design. The new Jack design helps to keep out the contaminants that shorten contact life, they also have a smart chromed ring which gives an improved 'feel' when plugging and un-plugging as well as looking pretty cool!

The new Isopatch still has all sockets mounted on two horizontal printed circuit boards (PCBs), rather than vertical cards that can sometimes pop out in use. This type of construction makes the Isopatch very solid and gives full access to most of the circuitry including parallel points and the special 'program pads' for normalising. The use of flexible jumper cables between top and bottom PCBs means that the Isopatch can be opened up for servicing if needed. Unlike many patch panels, the Isopatch offers half or full normalising on every channel, by simply soldering across special 'program pads' on the top PCB - No special tools are needed and there's nothing to take apart. In fact, if the Isopatch is already installed, you don't even have to unplug the rear connectors.

The Isopatch can be used for most types of audio signal including mono, stereo, balanced and unbalanced lines. It can also be used for mixer insert points without the need for special 'splitter' leads. Standard rear connector options are Jack, RCA phono and direct solder, but we can supply a combination of these to special order and for more demanding applications, gold contact versions are also available. Add to this a very slick labelling system for designation of the front sockets and you can see why we call the new Isopatch the Ultimate patch panel.



Front sockets

* ¼" type A Jack sockets

Rear termination

* CPJ48J - ¼" type A Jack sockets

* CPJ48P - RCA phono sockets

* CPJ48T - Direct solder terminations

Dimensions (W x H x D)(mm)

* CPJ48J - 483 x 45 x 81

* CPJ48P 483 x 45 x 71

* CPJ48T 483 x 45 x 70

Net weight

* CPJ48J - 970g

* CPJ48P - 890g

* CPJ48T - 780g


* Half and Full normalising programmable on every channel

* Switch contact resistance <0.03 Ohm

* Switch contact life >10,000 operations

* Min. rack opening required: 442m

Accessories Included:

* 1pk (10) Ident cards (ICP440)

* 1pk (100) Cable ties (CTP100) (CPJ48T only)