Smartpatch - ARC32

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The Smartpatch is a programmable automated routing controller that allows connections between sources and destinations (outputs and inputs) to be made electronically rather than with patch cords. Making connections with the Smartpatch is a snap, simply press and hold a source key whilst pressing the required destination key and the connection is made - The adjacent LEDs illuminate to show the connections. With no menu structures to navigate, operation of the Smartpatch is refreshingly simple and intuitive. Any number of connections can be made between the sixteen sources and destinations (this is called a patch) and stored in memory for recall at any time, either manually or under MIDI control. There are 128 internal patch memories on the Smartpatch, each of which holds a complete snapshot of all connections between the sources and destinations.



Front detail

* Channel switching buttons, patch display & main power

Rear termination

* 1/4" Jack input / outputs

* MIDI control inputs

Dimensions (W x H x D)(mm)

* CPT96D25 - 483 x 45 x 71

* CPT96T - 483 x 45 x 69

Net weight

* 483 x 135 x 45mm


* Half and Full normalising programmable on every channel

* Switch contact resistance <0.03 Ohm

* Switch contact life >10,000 operations

* Min. rack opening required: 442m

Accessories Included:

* 1pk (10) Ident cards (ICP440)